Violets have had many different and interesting uses throughout time. Courtesans of ancient Greece used to use violets to scent themselves, and at one point the humble violet became the symbol of the city of Athens. In addition, it was said that Napoleon loved violets above all other flowers. Hence, during Napoleon’s exile, his supporters wore violets to identify themselves to each other. As violets became the emblem of imperialism in France, French law prohibited public displays of art depicting violets for more than half a century. Because violet imparts its sweet odour and vibrant colour to liquids, alcohol or vinegar extractions, they were once used to flavour and colour foods and beverages. Medicinally, herbalists would traditionally use violet to treat coughs, bronchitis and to purify the blood, as well as improving immunity during the sickness. Packed with vitamins A & C, this is no shrinking violet!

Our wild violet is harvested 1,850m above sea level from the forest of Odzun, in the Lori region of Armenia, by hand. Compared to standard violet, our violet is sweeter and more delicate, due to altitude and purer growing conditions. This truly is a unique tisane as our violet changes colour in the cup (unaided), from a deep purple to almost transparent, with a hint of purple when done. Sit back and enjoy – tisanes need not only be about taste and health benefits.

Violet tisane may be drunk hot, and may be used in mocktails, cocktails and recipes.

Choose from the following options*:

  • Nazani Tea Caddy (35g) makes approx. 35 cups – £17.95 (2019)
  • Caddy Refill Pouch (35g) makes approx. 35 cups – £14.95 (2019)

Catering pouches are also available**:

  • Small Catering Pouch (250g) makes approx. 250 servings – POA
  • Medium Catering Pouch (500g) makes approx. 500 servings – POA
  • Large Catering Pouch (1kg) makes approx. 1000 servings – POA

*One portion will only give you one cup as petals will loose their colour on the first steep.

**Based on servings.

Please note the pouches are not airtight, and therefore once opened, your tisane should be transferred to an airtight caddy or storage jar in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and strong odours. We do not recommend glass, plastic and paper containers. Any noted health benefits of our herbal infusions are from traditional medicine and should not be used to prevent or cure any disease.

Consult a GP if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have any other health concerns.

Additional Info

Weight N/A

100% Wild Violet

Harvest Date

April – May 2019

Growth & Production Method






Brewing Instructions

Use 1g for every 200ml of 100°C spring water and brew for 4-5 minutes (or until colour of tisane stops changing)


One portion will give you one cup

Tasting Notes

Floral, sweet and violet

Health Benefits

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