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The agnus castus, vitex or chaste berry tree is native to warm Mediterranean climes. Agnus castus berries have been used widely throughout Europe in general and in traditional medicine for thousands of years, and the herb has even appeared in Homer’s 6th century BC epic, The Iliad. According to Greek historian Pliny the Elder, agnus castus berries strewn on the beds of soldiers’ wives was a testimony of the wives’ faithfulness whilst there husbands were at battle. Pliny also suggested that the agnus castus plant was medication to promote menstruation and Hippocrates too commented, “If blood flows from the womb, let the woman drink dark wine in which the leaves of the Vitex have been steeped.”


Historically, agnus castus has been used in traditional medicine to treat hangovers, fevers and digestive issues, and was recognised to bring on menstruation and relieve cramps. At present, agnus castus berries are used in traditional medicine as an herbal remedy primarily for conditions of the female reproductive system which may stem from a luteal phase defect. This includes premenstrual syndrome (PMS), by treating hormone imbalances, namely acting on the pituitary gland to increase the luteinizing hormone, which in turn stimulates progesterone production, and also decreasing prolactin levels.


Our wild agnus castus berries are handpicked 500m above sea level from the southern area of Meghri, one of the lowest areas in Armenia (near the border of Iran). Compared to standard agnus castus berries, our agnus castus is more pungent due to altitude, the fact it is wild grown and purer growing conditions.


Agnus Castus may be drunk anytime during the day including after a meal, or just before bedtime to relax, but especially during the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle and menstruation.


Choose from the following options*:

  • Nazani Tea Caddy (100g) makes approx. 34-50 cups – £17.95 (2019)
  • Caddy Refill Pouch (100g) makes approx. 34-50 cups – £14.95 (2019)

*Estimations are based on drinking the traditional Armenian way, where one portion will give you at least two cups (up to 3 infusions are possible) – just refill with 100°C water.


Do not consume if taking dopamine-related medications or Parkinson’s disease medications, the pill, fertility drugs, HRT or undergoing any other hormonal treatment.

Please note the pouches are not airtight, and therefore once opened, your tisane should be transferred to an airtight caddy or storage jar in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and strong odours. We do not recommend glass, plastic and paper containers.


Consult a GP if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have any other health concerns.

Additional Info

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100% Wild Agnus Castus Berry

Harvest Date

August – September 2019

Growth & Production Method






Brewing Instructions

Use 2-3g for every 200ml of 100°C spring water and brew for 5 minutes


One portion will give you at least two cups

Tasting Notes

Warming, earthy and delicately peppery

Health Benefits

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