Tea crafting of our wild herbal infusions takes place in the village areas nearest to the lush alpine meadows, so most of the economic benefits generated are returned to residents, ensuring ethical infusion sourcing and sustainability not just in terms of the herbs grown, but also the lifestyle and culture grounded in thousands of years of history and tradition.


Cycladi Farm production is select, small and certified organic. The Spanos family have been farming and tending to their olive groves for over 150 years, with the use of chemicals being shunned in favour of traditional farming methods.


Windy Hollow Farm is committed to sustaining a healthy ecosystem, with a strong belief that this can be best achieved with organic farm practices, learning and understanding about healthy soil, plants and wildlife. Windy Hollow Farm is fully off grid and generates its own energy using solar, hydro and wind energy. The Farm also holds renewable energy workshops, wildflower identification trails, tea tours and herbal tours, to encourage environmental learning.

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