Cocktail Recipe: Chocolate Mint Desire

Nazani Tea Armenian Harvest

Our alcoholic interpretation of the iconic mint and chocolate combination. Bringing together our wild handpicked mountain mint with a creamy chocolate alcohol base, we have created a full bodied and sophisticated cocktail.

Recipe for 4-5 glasses

Chocolate Mint Desire

12g                  Nazani Tea mountain mint

200-250ml     Chocolate Cream Rum Liqueur

4 tsp               Nielsen-Massey vanilla bean paste

1L                    spring water

1 handful of fresh mint (optional)


Place the mountain mint into a teapot (with a strainer), cafetiere, or boiling pot.

Boil the water and pour into the teapot, cafetiere, or boiling pot.

Cover the teapot, cafetiere, or boiling pot and leave to infuse for as long as possible. Overnight infusions of 7-10 hours are encouraged but not necessary, as long as the brew has cooled down naturally and no ice has been added in the process.

To create your mocktail, strain 150ml, add 1 teaspoon of vanilla bean paste and 50ml of chocolate cream rum liqueur and using a cocktail shaker, shake with a couple of ice cubes and a couple of bruised mint leaves until foamy.

Enjoy in a cocktail/martini glass on ice garnished with a mint leaf.